Redefining Modern Offices: 10 Workspaces that move away from grey

Gone are the days of monotonous office designs. It’s time for workplaces that inspire creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Happiness and productivity have become the fundamental considerations for modern office designs. From open floor plans that also have dedicated niches for concentration times and collaborative areas to cutting-edge technology and sustainable design, the modern office is undergoing a major transformation. 

Here are 10 innovative workplace designs that are not only increasing productivity but also creating an enjoyable and comfortable working environment.

The floor and ceiling designs of the office imitate the flow of the meandering Khor Dubai river, directing primary circulation and guiding people through the space. Collaboration zones are created where the striking Bain red ceiling cove divides and loops, encouraging movement and casual interactions. Signature Bain & Company brand colors with brighter tones in open areas promote energy and interaction and deeper, saturated tones in quiet areas facilitate focus and productivity. The integration of internal and external landscaping ensures users always have a line of sight with biophilia.

Donned with ample natural light and pastel colors, the design of LinkedIn MENA headquarters in Dubai is a metaphor for stylized simplicity. The office design draws inspiration from Dubai’s diverse landscape and history to allow employees to feel connected with each other and with the city. It features bold colours, textures, patterns, and art to create unique workplace experiences. The office also adorns QR codes that share the story and inspiration behind every graphic. Flexibility is introduced in the design by arranging workstations in alternative settings. 

This modern office design is Switzerland is all about creating a productive work environment. Large windows invite ample natural light into the office making it easy for employees to focus. The office is painted in calming colors accented with a splash of vibrant colors. This helps in creating a well-balanced contrast and provides a harmonious atmosphere for work. The office furniture is lightweight and moveable which provides employees with the freedom and flexibility to work comfortably.

Depicting the brand identity was at the heart of Sitecore’s Middle East Office design. As a digital experience leader, Sitecore has incorporated many next-gen technologies in its office that ease human communications. The office is divided into color-block zones inspired by Sitecore’s brand dynamism and innovation spirit. The interior features bold linear elements that convey energy and movement. The office also accommodates full-height lifestyle images celebrating growth and progress. A variety of furniture has been incorporated into the office to promote freedom of movement and ensure that employees feel ergonomically comfortable.

This fashion-inspired workspace integrates a distinguishing art style into a professional office environment. The studio redefines coziness and fun, creating a space suitable for a creative design studio. The office is centered around a pantry, with a crisscrossing circulation route connecting the entire space, providing comfort for independent working and free social activities. Linear lighting and a digital time display screen for different time zones add a sense of futuristic technology and a dynamic vibe of fashion to the space.

This office consists of three cohesive yet distinct building volumes, which have been designed in response to the need for daylight admittance and long-ranging views from internal spaces. The buildings are sculptural and angular in form and are linked by a central building that provides efficient internal circulation. At ground level, there is a shared entrance, reception, and cafeteria that helps to knit the complex together. The complex was designed with a focus on environmental sustainability, achieving energy class A specifications and a BREEAM Excellent rating.

Vodafone’s newly renovated offices reflect the company’s principles of high-quality and light communication, friendship, humour and originality. The use of natural materials and warm shades adds a new atmosphere to the office, creating a casual meeting space that promotes well-being. The office features organically shaped seating, benches, and traditional workstations thereby providing employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere. The workplace also accommodates a library, study room, and zen garden for the purpose of relaxation and creative thinking. This office design is considered as a pilot project which can be replicated in other Vodafone offices around the world.

Travelfusion, a leading travel company, enlisted the help of Modus Workspace to reimagine its brand visually and create a non-corporate, youthful, and buzzing atmosphere at its 70 St Mary Axe office. Modus Workspace balanced two themes – travel and the Memphis design movement – to create a space that reflects Travelfusion’s progressive culture. The office layout fosters communication and teamwork, with an expansive open-plan layout and multiple meeting rooms. The Memphis revival influenced the patterned ceramic tiles, angular wall prints, striking printed fabrics, and luxurious terrazzo-effect flooring.

“Systemized fluidity” is the first phrase that strikes your mind as soon as you enter the onassis Group office in Athens. The fundamental idea for this office design was to create a timber interior that juxtaposingly uses organic shapes and linear geometry. A key element of the design- the plywood ceiling has been inspired by the ocean floor and wraps around the two load-bearing columns. The workplace is designed to accommodate both focused work and collaborative meetings. The furniture selected is minimalist and ergonomically comfortable made from solid maple and crafted using traditional carpentry techniques.

This office design aimed to create a contemporary working environment that reflects the post-pandemic world while capturing the vibrancy of Old Street and the artistic heritage of the company. Two Ltd achieved this by utilizing the building’s industrial features and providing modern and functional amenities to create a bold and productive workspace. Bright colors have been used as an accent material to create a vibrant and high-energy office. This compact office efficiently utilizes its space by strategically placing light weight and moveable furniture.

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