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Schiavello Now On Love That Design

20 Sep , 2017  

We are excited to announce that Schiavello is now on Love That Design.

Working with Australian and international designers, Schiavello’s approach to enhancing collaboration, concentration, and health within our working and living spaces has reflected the brand’s dedication to wellbeing. Building on 50 years of accomplishment carefully developed and honed in Australia, Schiavello have strengthened their MENA presence with the opening of a new showroom in Dubai Design District (d3). This new space is a symbol of Schiavello’s dedication to the MENA markets and will be seen as a gateway for a unique exchange to take place between Australian and international key players.

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Schiavello, a top 100 Australian private company built on quality, service excellence and innovation, has been creating and servicing world-class work and living environments for over 50 years.

“We’re a people business. This means that we are continually seeking ways to help our clients by adding value to their activities, on both a personal and an organizational level,” explains Raffaele Tigani, Director – General Manager of Schiavello International. Schiavello not only produces a world-class collection of products, but also is in an excellent position to offer bespoke solutions. Schiavello’s company culture of ‘anything is possible’ is driven throughout the business. 

According to Peter Schiavello, Managing Director – Schiavello Group, achieving true vertical integration gives Schiavello the ability to control every element of production, exceptional flexibility and ensure prompt delivery. Peter underlines the fact that Schiavello is dedicated to developing thoughtful design-based solutions that solve problems across a wide range of needs and desires. James Rush, MENA Regional Head at Schiavello Group, mirrors Peter’s sentiments by pointing out that it’s crucial to keep track of the new skills, products and technology solutions necessary to cater to the changing needs of their markets. James goes on to say that, in doing so, it becomes crucial for new relationships and tools to be identified on an ongoing basis. “Working with Love That Design, and by extension the design community, enables Schiavello to develop deeper connections and share our design story with our partners and clients in the UAE region.”

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