Seat Style: Products that are big on form

There’s a difference between sitting and sitting in style; the most significant deciding factor is the seat itself. Users expect rugs, carpets, or even lighting to have unusual forms, but when a seating has a unique shape – it becomes the centre of conversations. Everybody wants to take a seat, and everybody wants to have one in their spaces. To know more, dive deeper into Love That Design’s curated list of shapely seatings…..

With the help of renowned designer Christophe Pillet, Studio TK has added nine new pieces to the Borough Lounge Collection, increasing its fluidity and versatility like never before. Imagine a stunning curved ottoman that perfectly complements the office decor, or a straight-back sectional that can be arranged in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. Or maybe a 90-degree corner that adds just the right touch of sophistication. But it’s not just about looks – Borough Lounge’s modular system allows for easy adaptation, so you can create a space that works for you. And with a wide range of upholstery options from Luum, Kvadrat, and Maharam, you can customize your seating to fit your unique style.

The Ooty stool is a sturdy yet unassuming piece of furniture that can seamlessly blend into various settings. The designers’ goal was to produce a stool that had a delicate appearance and allowed the material to be the main focus. The addition of features like chamfered edges and triangular shapes adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

Babe by ISKU

The Babe sofa from ISKU embodies the fluid and organic forms found in nature. With its curved, moss-inspired design, this stunning piece of furniture will make a bold statement in any space. Whether you’re looking for a one-seater or a larger custom configuration, the Babe sofa has got you covered. And with its unique design and high-quality materials, you can be sure that this sofa will be a long-lasting and reliable addition to a home or office.

The ELSA armchair is a stunning piece of furniture that is crafted with a solid canaletto walnut structure and sleek pewter painted metal legs, this armchair boasts an exquisite design that exudes sophistication and luxury. The ELSA armchair is also built for comfort, featuring back and backrest cushions that rest on a pewter painted metal tube and are padded with cold-foamed polyurethane foam. The elastic straps ensure that one sinks into its plush seating experience for hours of relaxation. The cushion covers are removable and customizable, with various options available including fabric, leather, and a combination of the two, with leather piping to match the backrest upholstery.

What is a task chair doing in this list? With That’s it chair’s lightweight shapes, made of a die-cast aluminum frame (or plastic new ones), it is difficult to swoon at a glance. It includes all the top features of executive chairs, making it the ideal choice for any high-level setting. This exceptional task chair comes in two versions: one with an aluminum frame and the other with a plastic frame. Both versions offer the option of a net or soft backrest for optimal comfort. The aluminum frame is also available in four different colors: white, black, bronze, and toupe.

Form is a testament to Normann Copenhagen and Simon Legald who set out to create the ultimate chair. With an unwavering commitment to form, the design seamlessly blends a bold design language with comfortable curves and an innovative industrial technique. The Form chair boasts a sleek mounting solution that seamlessly integrates the seat and base, allowing for different types of bases to be mounted in the same openings. This innovative design not only ensures a uniform and aesthetic appearance, but it also provides endless possibilities for customization. With over 100,000 potential combinations of models, colors, textiles, and bases, the Form chair offers a wealth of opportunities for creative expression.

The Nomole bar stool is a visually striking and playful piece of furniture with a backrest and a gentle sway. Its stripped-down design uses minimal materials, making it an eco-friendly choice that is easy to update and sustain for the long-term. Originally conceived as a graduation project at Beckman’s College of Design, the Nomole bar stool explores the question of what truly constitutes the essence of a piece of furniture. The result is a sleek and minimalist stool with clean lines, bold graphic precision, and a monochrome color scheme, demonstrating that form, function, and sustainability can coexist in perfect harmony.

The Gogan furniture collection drew inspiration from the smooth and solid appearance of Japanese stones shaped by the forces of nature over time. Just like in rock sculptures, where stones are carefully placed and interlocked to maintain balance, the Gogan sofa and armchair achieve balance through their unique shape. The seats in the collection are soft and have a slightly inclined center of gravity towards the back, providing exceptional comfort and allowing for a lower backrest. The backrest and seat are joined by abutments that add to the collection’s lightness and create the illusion of suspension. By experimenting with balance and gravity, the Gogan collection defies convention and makes typically heavy shapes feel weightless.

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