Six Picks to Illuminate Your Home

One of the first things you’ll most likely notice in a room isn’t the furniture or fixtures, it’s the lighting. According to experts, it’s the first sensory experience that hits you – your eyes calibrate and adjust to the lighting in the space. Your body will instantly react. You’ll immediately notice if it’s bathed in warm natural light, or a cool dimly lit area; your mood changes accordingly.

Lighting sets the tone and ambience of your home. When it comes to where you live, we can bet you want to invest time and effort in keeping it well lit. Which is why we’ve picked out six great products to get you started in the right direction.

Featured Image credits: Unsplash

SVIT Floor

This minimalist floor lamp embraces the hygge concept and plays on distinctive contrasts between light and dark, inside and outside. Its stand and table base is available in steel contrasted by birch plywood shades for a warm touch.  

Keglen Table

The Keglen table lamp’s distinctive conical shade ensures an attractive and glare-free downwardly directed light through a built-in curved diffuser. This stem morphs into the diffuser shade, folding inward and creating a beautiful organic geometry. A gentle light is also emitted upward through a discreet uniform opening in the top of the shade to create a perfect ambiance.

OH! Dynamic White

Why stick to floor lamps and fixtures? Change things up with OH! Dynamic White – polyethylene balls of different dimensions using LEDs with Dynamic White technology.

Underscore InOut Grin

Bollard lights can be stylish too. Check out Iguzzini’s sleek Underscore InOut Grin and the minimal yet sophisticated vibe it adds to your outdoor space. 


Characterized by its rounded, organic design cues, the cylinder base and elongated dome shape of the lamp shade contribute to an aesthetic cohesiveness. The distinctive lamp shade is designed to accommodate the need for pleasant, atmospheric lighting in smaller settings. Porta’s flexibility is further emphasized by its mobility. The cordless and lightweight design enables you to bring the lamp from the kitchen to the garden to your favorite reading nook. 


Not sure if it’s art or a lighting sculpture, but it sure is stunning! The Lagoon is a unique piece ​​shaped into any preferred composition in blue, gold and titan nanocoating. Designed by Tomas Sakra in rose, aurum, and argent colours as well. 

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