Sunbrella Now On Love That Design

Sunbrella fabrics are inspired by rich colour palettes, cultivated trend stories and an array of textures. We are proud to welcome them onboard Love That Design!


Sunbrella brings more than 60 years of expertise to the production of technical textiles, and continues to combine performance and design to create sophisticated fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. Their collections are inspired by the latest trends and include a wide range of textiles in lively colours and pastel hues, geometric patterns and refined solids.

About Sunbrella

A collection is thought of as an immersion between sensory and discovery, where each architect and designer can choose their own story

Pieter Verhelst, Marketing Manager, Sunbrella Upholstery and Window Fabrics

Not just good design


Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are woven exclusively with solution-dyed acrylic yarn for guaranteed colorfastness to UV rays. Their protective anti-stain finish makes them amazingly easy to clean. Quality control is a way of life, an integral part of the company’s operations. Each fabric produced undergoes a series of in-house tests, and such rigorous standards allows the brand to guarantee its products for up to five years. Furthermore, Sunbrella is the only performance brand to guarantee against loss of colour and strength, abrasion and pilling.

With Sunbrella, you get complete performance-durable and stain resistant fabrics that are super easy to clean, so you can sit back and relax worry-free knowing that any spills or messes can be quickly and easily dealt with.

Environmentally Conscious 

As part of its Renaissance program, Sunbrella created the Heritage Renaissance line containing up to 50 percent recycled, solution-dyed acrylic fibres. Recycled fibres are sourced directly from production plants where waste is divided into colour groups and turned back into fibres. These fibres are then blended with the “virgin” Sunbrella fibres. Sunbrella fabrics do not rot or fade and are highly resistant over time. Also, in the solution-dyeing process, colour pigments are added to the yarn as it is spun, to guarantee colour fastness and aid water conservation. Plus, the small amount of water that is used in their weaving process is further fully recycled in-house.

For over 30 years, the brand has religiously recycled its industrial wastes, such as yarn and packaging. Today, every Sunbrella manufacturing facility around the globe sends absolutely no waste to the landfill. An amazing feat!

What’s new for 2021

Sunbrella launched two new European Upholstery collections this year. The first, Odyssey, includes all their bestsellers and is a timeless collection offered for four years. The second, Bahia, is the brand’s first trend-based collection, where they have responded to the latest trends in design and colour. This one will be renewed every two years to keep fabrics and designs fresh.

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