Task Chairs: 9 Picks for to Elevate Well-Being in Offices

The past decade has seen a significant shift towards diversity and inclusion, a movement that has permeated the realms of design and architecture. This is evident in the evolution of task chairs, designed to accommodate a wider range of body types and diverse needs. In an era where flexibility is paramount, incorporating a task chair into workspaces—whether at home, in co-working spaces, or in traditional offices—can significantly enhance comfort and ergonomics. If this resonates with you, delve into our curated selection of top-trending, ultramodern task chairs.

Beyond sitting.

The Freedom Task Chair revolutionises sitting by using the laws of physics to improve daily routines. It sets benchmarks with its weight-sensitive recline, a sculpted foam backrest to match the contours of a human body and synchronously adjustable armrests. It offers a custom fit for everyone who sits on it, making it an ergonomic marvel that also exudes comfort, style, and modern elegance. Choose from four styles of this chair, which was commended as “The Gold Standard in Office Seating” by The New York Times.

Set the tone.

Teknion has made chairs pleasing with this artisanal piece. One would love to look twice. Minimalist and soft, the Tone Chair makes the colour, appearance, and sounds that are usually associated with chairs subtle and quiet. Masterfully crafted with a rounded frame and well-balanced silhouettes, it offers plush comfort with an expressive use of materials. Its innovative knit add-on sleeve, adapted from the structure of a leaf, adds a beautiful story to your design theme. Explore a range of colours and patterns from the Luum collection to refresh any space.

A nod to nature.

Naoto Fukasawa’s Asari Chair for Herman Miller is a harmonious blend of sculptural artistry and ergonomic functionality. The chair draws inspiration from nature — the gentle curves of clamshells (what it’s named after), the calming smoothness of river stones, and the symmetrical tiers of a macaron. Crafted using pioneering construction methods, there is also a focus on attention to detail. If you’re looking for a task chair offering both aesthetic appeal and exceptional comfort, weave a narrative with the Asari Chair. Don’t miss looking at its ‘Color Flood’ options.

The future of ergonomics.

Karman revolutionises ergonomic seating with a patented hybrid seat, impossibly light frame, and 21st-century design that responds effortlessly to the body’s movements. This sustainable masterpiece redefines comfort and support, making it more than a chair. The chair goes beyond mesh and uses Intermix, Steelcase’s proprietary textile that offers a selection of 14 translucent, opaque, and all-new colour-shifting textiles set to blend in with a design style of your choice. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Modular, spectacular.

ME is a modular task chair designed for unparalleled comfort and adaptability. Its expansive adjustment range caters to diverse body types with intuitive operation. ME’s unique Progressive Motion module automatically encourages multidimensional movement, enhancing well-being. Its harmonious design, a blend of clear edges and soft surfaces, makes ME not only a comfortable chair but also a visually appealing one because of its integrated, well-thought-out design.

So your design doesn’t fold.

Phoulds, a visually striking piece from an elite soft seating range, is a masterpiece of chair design. It offers both comfort and style, with six-panel upholstery featuring CMHR foam, and is available in high and mid-back shells with two distinct frame options. The tubular steel frame can be finished in polished chrome or black powder coating, while the shell is offered in beech or walnut veneer. Further personalise your Phoulds with a diverse colour palette for its two-tone upholstery and your preferred base style.

Not Just a Chair, it’s Art.

The Angel Cerda Swivel Office Chair is a modern design marvel, featuring a light grey fabric seat and a glossy white PVC backrest. Its armrests and height-adjustable seat, supported by chromed stainless steel legs, fuse form and function. The chair’s 360-degree swivel function and sleek wheels add to its functionality, while the fabric upholstery lends a sophisticated aesthetic to any space. Fine craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and avant-garde awesomeness.

Stunning round-the-clock.

The Newson Task chair is an embodiment of personalised comfort and control. It offers a comprehensive range of adjustments, from height and seat depth to armrests and tilt tension, ensuring a perfect fit for every individual (including an armless option). Engineered for 24×7 use, this inclusive chair caters to diverse body types, including those with larger frames. Crafted with sustainable design principles, it comes in four classic yet contemporary colours, adding character to any space. Select from three base and two caster options to tie in with your design concept.

4D and dynamic.

With the revolutionary Dondola® seat joint, the D1 Office chair is movable four-dimensionally, noiselessly and smoothly. The three-dimensional movement of the upper part of the chair is enhanced by the adjustable seat and backrest, creating a fourth dimension of comfort. Its innovative design, utilising mesh-covered tubular steel and an adaptable seat shell, promotes active and dynamic sitting, making it a stunning addition to any space. ‘The task chair your design composition needs.’

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