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Technogym Now On Love That Design

9 Jul , 2018  

Technogym is now on Love That Design!

As a company that is known to have actively developed the often vague and superficial concept of “fitness” into a true way of life, Technogym works to help people live better. It’s a goal they strive to achieve by providing the best-in-class gym equipment, services, content and programmes, meshed together with cutting-edge technology. Technogym empowers people with the potential to experience wellness regardless of where they find themselves.

Nerio Alessandri, Founder and President of Technogym, puts it the best when he says, “Alongside professional and digital technology, design plays a very relevant role in our Wellness concept. While fitness means looking good, wellness means feeling good; it’s a holistic experience that includes exercise, design, atmosphere and connectivity. In order to achieve and live a wellness lifestyle, the emotional component is fundamental: harmony and beauty need to go together with performance and functionality.”

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Innovative Italian design, exceptional quality, digital technologies and ease of use have enabled Technogym to create the most exclusive pieces of equipment chosen by the world’s most beautiful clubs, fitness facilities and homes.


Thanks to the modularity of Technogym solutions, wellness professionals can enable their customers to enjoy the same “wellness-connected experience” anywhere: gyms, hotels, medical practices or even schools. To enable this, Technogym provides operators with all the tools they require: from financial services to interior design guidance and from after sales assistance to marketing support.

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