INDEX 2021: A Walk Through The Exhibits and Our Carefully Curated Trend Tour

As we mentioned in the previous ‘post INDEX’ article, the stands and the manufacturers pleasantly surprised us with their unique crafts and innovative designs. Here is a summary of the highlights, top exhibits, and our popular Trend Tour.


This year, as always, we were delighted to stumble upon unique products, and interesting, innovative designs from the most unlikely places or parts of the world. Love That Design’s Trend Tour was also a hit with visitors as it gave them a summary of the choicest stands and exhibits. QR tags posted on banners, entrances and floor stickers led audiences straight to a map with details of each stand we thought to be definitely worthy of a visit.

Nevertheless, during the fair days, we encountered many more fresh faces and names in the design and manufacturing industry. And so, for the next show, we have decided to keep our Trend Tour fluid, with new entries being added to the curated walkthrough on each day of the fair. This allows us to be a lot more inclusive and up to date. Can’t wait for the next one.

Click on any image below and scroll right to go through our gallery of finds.

Exhibits: Milani, Danube, Tanween by Tashkeel, ST Profi, Shure, QLOCKTWO, Puff Buff, Presto, Little Lights, Gilli, Forner, BOHO Swing, Bioboards, Alt Collective, Rethink, Chiodelli Arte, Charm Wood, Bruni, Wilsonart, Ideal Standard, HNI International, Frezza

Click here for our round up of the events at INDEX 2021

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