The In Review Round-up 2022: Finishes, Flooring and Fabrics

The final month of the year has begun, and it’s time to look back and marvel at the year that was. Flooring, finishes and fabrics take up a huge chunk of interior space, and are pivotal in imparting textures and colours in a design. These elements can be in-sync or have completely different aesthetics in a design, but it is these silent features that add nuances to the character of a design. Such attention- to-details often reveals the thoughtfulness behind a design and like everyone says God is in the details, right?

To make specifying these details easier from the wide range of products available worldwide, Love That Design hosts reviews of products from top-notch brands. In the ongoing year, stellar designers from well-known firms reviewed some interesting flooring, finishes and fabrics. Take a closer look…..

Inspired by one of the most natural recycling processes, ReForm Transition’s designs resemble how plants grow from seeds, mature, flourish, and then crumble into the earth again, only for the process to be repeated. These carpets can be mixed and matched in various colors to create dynamic flooring patterns and a refreshing spin. 

“You can clearly see the differences in textures and colours that really add to the richness of the product. There are so many possibilities with these carpet tiles. One great one is to use the seamless yet evident transitions to demarcate areas, or indicate social distancing without it being too ‘in your face’. I think people would appreciate that,” said Nemanja Ribic, Interior Designer, Bluehaus Group.

Reflected in its nomenclature, the Heritage Collection from Modulyss is a nod to the brand’s Belgian roots. The range, consisting of carpet tile designs – Cobbles, Haze, Dune, Meadow and Polder – attempts at capturing Flanders diverse landscape captured in the paintings by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens in the 15th and 16th centuries. Combine patterns and shades to give rise to a floor of infinite possibilities.

“What I really love is the story behind it, the concept, and it truly shows in the final design. I also think there is also value for money here, as the price range goes from low to high, allowing you to mix and match the tiles to fit your budget.”, said Farah Addada, Senior Workplace Designer at JLL MENA.

Available in about 60 colours, Silvertex from Spradling is the most popular line from the brand. Apart from the versatility, the simple upkeep of the fabrics is another major cause for it being a hit. Use them to upholster furniture and surfaces in high-traffic areas or in hospitality design, these fabrics will last and impress at the same time. 

“The colours were amazing. The diversity of the colours, the palette… it’s like being in a candy store. The availability of different types of textures and shades is truly incredible. At the same time, everything is so coherent and so well presented, making it easy for us to work within the range. Also, the material looks natural despite being a manufactured fabric. There’s an authenticity to it that you don’t get from many types of vinyl.”, said Lara El Hani, Design Director Interiors, Kristina Zanic Consultants.

If you’re looking to be blinded by brilliance and boldness, look no further – The Forum Collection designed by Kathrin and Mark Patel is up for the task. 18 designs in four color variations and four optional qualities – the structured loop, woven material, and the two types of velours – not only give you an array of offerings but also varied ways to style one aesthetic. Most of all, it is the quality of the weaving techniques that make this collection stand out. 

“I love it. It empowers the designer to think creatively and pushes us to be innovative. The four qualities and aesthetics are very cool. It’s graceful and not too loud unless needed. There’s a variety to pick from that fits most designs. The design approach is great too, and so is the sustainability and wellness factor. Plus with odour free, emission free, sustainable certifications, it ticks so many boxes. I personally can’t wait to dive into the designs and work them into projects.”, said Sakshi Kanar, Project Director FF&E at HBA.

To make a subtle but strong impact Mosa’s Core Collection’s Solids tiles that boast a small but poignant range of neutrals could be just what you require. The subtle texture on the flooring might not come through a single tile, but when looked at in bigger numbers – they give out an authentic and genuine earthy vibe. 

“It is a hard product, but the softness that it has just by the way it’s composed doesn’t feel like we need to do all the cuts into the tiles and the shapes, I think the just the material speaks enough to like the stability of it.”, said Karen Vindevogel, Senior Interior Designer, Loci architecture + design.

A high pile weight, outstanding durability, optimal laying properties, and optimum acoustic properties are the quality hallmarks of this product. This extremely durable and carpet has the fine look of woven fiber that is concentrated on the essentials, thus being able to work with most design themes and settings. 

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