The Materials & Fabrics List

Materials and fabrics follow suit to the needs of a space. They adapt to a designer’s will and, even AI’s eccentric concepts. These products form details, and details are integral to any design…

An Eco-Friendly Sequel

Spradling has expanded their most popular Valencia™ faux leather design. The new extension, Valencia™ Biosense flawlessly combines elegance with eco-friendliness. Each roll in the collection prevents almost 20KG of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting four trees for carbon absorption. Additionally, our manufacturing plants are certified carbon neutral, further enhancing this reduction. Supple leather finish in booth settings or maximalist concepts can now come guilt-free.

Easy and Elegant

Acoustics are quickly becoming a requirement over a choice, and they need to look the part. EchoPanel® Align is as efficient as it is beautiful. It is designed for effortless installation, featuring meticulously aligned panel joins that create a refined shadow line. These acoustic wall panels, with their chamfered edges, are compatible with other precisely cut designs and come in 12mm and 24mm thicknesses to suit different acoustic needs. EchoPanel® holds Global GreenTag™ certification with a Platinum Product Health Declaration, low VOC emissions, and is free of Red-List chemicals, with complete ingredient transparency via Declare.

Good Old Wood Flooring

Coming from local manufacture, RAK Ceramics, Amazonia Wood is a range of engineered flooring that replicates the feel and aura of wood. Trends may come and go, but time has proven the unfailing allure of wooden floors. The brand offers a range of shades that allows designers option to match the flooring the concept of their spaces, be it of muted, Scandinavian style or a more dark and brooding Industrial charm.

Curate A Galaxy

Tiles can often be a game-changer in a space. Be it on the walls or floors, the add a dimensional quality to spaces. Stardust, part of the Carmen true tiles collection from APE GRUPO, is named after the phenomenon occurring in a star’s final stages, capturing the awe-inspiring essence of space. The tiny sparkles in its graphics evoke constellations, adding a unique charm to its small-format tiles. The neutral colors in its palette highlight the elegant design, and the polished finish enhances the appeal of any room.

Quaint but Nubby

Ame, designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara, is Kvadrat’s first upholstery textile made entirely from recycled polyester derived from textile waste. Inspired by Sashiko, a traditional Japanese mending technique, it features a rhythmic micro pattern with contrasting colors. Ame matches the performance of virgin polyester, is recyclable, and is ideal for offices, hospitality venues, and private spaces seeking a welcoming atmosphere.

Range and Versatility

Demi Boucle is a versatile textile that mimics the texture of handspun, looped boucle yarn while providing excellent performance and easy maintenance for modern spaces. Made entirely from recycled polyester, its rich texture and wide range of colors make it suitable for upholstery, wall coverings, panels, and screens. The 18-color palette spans from earthy neutrals to vibrant hues, inspired by nature, offering both durability and depth.

Tropical Troupe

Goa, crafted from 100% linen, invites blending the tropical allure of palm leaves with rich interior colors, creating an exotic, modern oasis. Featuring vibrant patterns, pastel hues, and a gently worn look, Goa merges the essence of nature with linen’s natural texture. This 140 cm wide fabric, designed by Equipo DRT, is perfect for curtains, cushions, chairs, and upholstery, ensuring a distinctive and original touch to any project warranting a dash of panache.

Wild Spots

Tablu stands out as a unique animal jacquard, offering enduring quality and depth. This premium wool textile reinterprets beloved zebra and leopard patterns with timeless durability. Available in classic zebra tones, along with coral red, charcoal, rust, deep brown, lavender, turmeric, salt and pepper, and sand hues, Tablu ensures a lasting impression with its distinctive design and rich color palette.

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