2. The Go-to Sources, Websites & Platforms 

So what is the process designers undertake when selecting products for their projects. Is there a database that they address? A website? And is the process of selecting and getting inspiration happening on the same website/platform or different spaces?

Not surprisingly, Architonic was a popular one used for referencing products. Most of the designers scour online sites and platforms for inspiration, such as Archdaily, Dezeen, Design Milk, and Pinterest. Some even stated that design inspiration can be gained from day to day experiences, travel, etc. However, all agree that a common problem faced when sourcing these products in the region is actually sleuthing out the local dealers of their chosen product.

Designers wholeheartedly admit that hunting for local representation of a certain brand that they have come across on an international website, is incredibly time consuming, a waste of resources, and can often lead to a dead end.

Here is another interesting find from the discussion. The choice of product is thus linked to designers’ ability to find representatives within the region.

One of the designers clearly stated: “I ended up changing some of my selections on projects, mainly because I could not find the right representative. Not because I did not like the product.”

Another added, “Deadlines and lack of time also leads to specifying products that are easily available, and there is no ‘hunt’ required to find the agents or dealers. There’s just no time for that.”

And all designers agree that fabric is one category where online platforms can only do so much. Designers will always want to feel the texture of a fabric sample, see the proper colour without monitors and screens ruining calibration, etc. And so, bearing all this in mind, designers admit that when it comes to fabrics, it is easier to select ones from digital platforms that have been used previously.

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