What If We Fly: Interstuhl’s Solution to Optimising Teamwork in Workspace

The role of office spaces is undergoing revision. From being the sole epicentre of corporate hustle-bustle to becoming a more flexible hub, where teamwork takes centre stage, there’s a shift in the vision. Interstuhl, a leading brand in the sector, has not only welcomed but also provided for this adaptation. Its latest collection, ‘What If We Fly‘, aims at helping teams soar and rise…

J.M. Barrie’s wildly popular play ‘Peter Pan’ is a paragon of story-telling. Although written for children and young adults, the play has many life-altering lessons for those well-past adolescence too. One of its most iconic scenes is where the usually cheerful and confident fairy, Tinkerbell, asks, “What if I fall?” expressing her fear and hesitance to try. As the scene unfolds, the protagonist, Peter Pan, reminds her of everything she would miss out on if she didn’t take a chance. He reminds her that flying is as much a possibility as falling, insinuating the statement, ‘What if you fly?’

Aiming to imbue the same spirit within working professionals, Interstuhl’s new and exciting collection, WHAT IF WE FLY, targets empowering companies and teams. Its designers, Simon Blake and Frank Hesselmann have envisioned it to inspire employees to break free from the norm and unleash their creativity in innovative and unconventional ways.

Trying new things, treading in uncharted territories, changing habits, and going against the current can be intimidating. But that’s precisely why the name of this product range is so uplifting! WHAT IF WE FLY encourages embracing the exhilarating possibilities of success. It’s a call to action to think big, be bold, and dare to dream without limits.

What If I Fly? What If We Fly

Given the current corporate scenario, employers’ surest bet to entice employees back to the office is the gratification and effectiveness of teamwork. Timed perfectly, Interstuhl’s WHAT IF WE FLY collection focuses on shifting the mindset from “What if we fall?” to “What if we fly?” The collection enables teammates to embark on an extraordinary journey of exploration and innovation together.

“With WHAT IF WE FLY, Interstuhl aims to support teams to get innovative in whatever way they like. As the set-up is extremely intuitive and conducive to collaborations, it will help people focus on what truly matters during teamwork workshops: their thoughts and ideas. The goal is to invigorate fresh perspectives and breakthrough concepts. In other words, people can concentrate on the possibility ‘to fly’ – meaning to outrange the standard, think outside the box, and reach burgeoning heights beyond boundaries”, says Patrick Loechle, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management at Interstuhl.

Interstuhl’s Modular Solution to Effective Teamwork for Employees

The WHAT IF WE FLY collection is a set of mobile tools that facilitate collaboration in workspaces. They can also be looked at as a simple puzzle where products can be put together to curate various settings – ranging from group briefings to smaller workshops and result presentations. Some parts of this puzzle are Teamboard, Taskboards, Hip and Hand-level tables, Sit and Stand Box, Grandstand 2 & 3, TV Stand and Movable power supply.

The Taskboard Felt XL, in particular, which allows multiple whiteboards to be fastened with a hook-and-loop system, is one of the shining highlights of the collection. Imagine specialised teams working on different parts of a project; finally, when it’s time for all the departments to meet – each team can display their progress on individual whiteboards, which can, in turn, be easily attached to the Taskboard XL. The single breadth of the Taskboard XL will provide a comprehensive view of the relative progress across divisions and aid in quickly identifying conflicts of interest amongst teams. Indeed, a visionary and valuable tool for project management and coordination!

Patrick emphasises, “Innovation is problem-solving at its core, and innovation happens best when people of different expertise come together. A crucial requisite, instrumental to innovation, is for all participants to remain present and focused.”

WHAT IF WE FLY focuses heavily on functionality, modularity and seamless handling to steer attention from adjusting in a setting to contributing ideas in a meeting. The Taskboards come in different sizes, and users can opt for a whiteboard or felt-finish, and it can also be wall or stand-mounted. The Teamboard is a felt board, which relatively has the smallest size, caters more to smaller teams. The Hip and hand-level tables, too, are available in multiple sizes, and have the ideal anthropometric measurements and seamless usability. The Sit and Stand Box is a storage unit with wheels that double as stools, and Grandstand 2 & 3 are stepped seatings that can be used as an independent unit or as part of a larger amphitheatre-like seating arrangement.

WHAT IF WE FLY is not a highfalutin, complicated set-up; it is an easily understandable and adjustable solution to facilitate teamwork. Users do not have to learn their way around WHAT IF WE FLY; it’s so simple that it can be used instantly without reading a manual or even thinking.
The mobility and sturdy construction of the collection make WHAT IF FLY products much-needed tools for collaborations. The availability of various permutations and combinations, along with fostering standing work, ensures everybody remains active.

“Intuitiveness was the primary target of the design. Eye-level shelves assist in spotting tools and materials without searching, surfaces at the hip and handle height make it simple to grab whatever is needed, the hook-and-loop systems mitigate subconscious concerns about running out of space while writing, and storage pockets in the products allow users to put things that are not needed down instinctively”, explains Patrick.

Reliable Problem Solving for employers from an Unwavering Leader

The story of Interstuhl began with the keenness of two young blacksmiths, Werner and Wilhelm Link. The duo had soaring ambitions and a burning passion for finding solutions for the working world – and ever since then, the legacy has continued. The introduction of sewing machines in Germany came with ailments in the form of back pain for textile workers. To relieve this ache, Interstuhl’s founding father and son duo produced the Bi-Regulette chair. What started as a nuisance in one sector seeped into others, marking the entry of Interstuhl’s remarkable ergonomics in the corporate world. This was also a reinstatement of the core belief of Interstuhl’s foundation. Today, there’s another revolution – where employees require more support in addition to conventional desks. Yet again, and as always, Interstuhl is armed and prepared for the challenge.

“Supervision or focused desk work has become more of a choice than a compulsion due to work-from-home. Offices are now looked at more as hubs of teamwork and meet-ups over strictly designated work environments. Especially for people in creative and innovative fields, working together and bouncing ideas is an important criterion. In this case, WHAT IF WE FLY can help employers score a point by offering them a supportive work environment making it easy to engage and focus on developing ideas”, concludes Patrick.

Adapting to changes is the need of the hour for offices, and Interstuhl’s WHAT IF WE FLY is a modular and minimal make-up teamwork apparatus that allows for just that.

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2 May, 2023

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