What’s to know: ORGATEC 2022

After a break due to the pandemic, ORGATEC has returned to the floors with a renewed fervour. Boasting more than 63,000 visitors and over 750 brands in an 150,000 m sq space, at Cologne, ORGATEC 2022 will be a office design and innovation hotspot from the 25th October to 29th October. In the past, ORGATEC has contributed greatly to mitigating discrepancies between work environments, processes and culture by promoting fruitful discussions about workplace and office design. 

Now, with our renewed realities now beginning to feel ‘normal’, we can look back to understand what we need in our future, and it is events like ORGATEC that provide a common international platform. In retrospect, it is probably office and workplace design that is most affected. Work from home, hybrid employment and so much more has shifted the epicentre of office design from efficiency and profitability to comfort and productivity. To add to the list, sustainability is another aspect that needs to be thought of.

While we remain on edge to know what goes down in the upcoming week at ORGATEC 2022 in Cologne, here’s an outline of the agendas this edition:

Addressing the new normal via Inspired Hybrid Office

In the face of adversity of the pandemic, people adapted to working with whatever means they had – which happened to be the comfort of their homes. Now well-adjusted in this habitat, employees ask employers one pressing question – ‘why must we return to office?’ It gives the employees complete autonomy over their work, but makes it a task for companies to manage them and gauge their productivity. In this conundrum, the only hope is to move towards a more holistic approach – incorporate comfort, flexibility and promote social interaction within the workplace. The solution, on a surface level, seems to add the feeling of homeliness in offices to the already existing novelty of employee interaction. 

Diving deeper into the nitty gritty of this, are talks like md Talks, the OFFICE ROXX Office Trend Forum and the Light Culture Talks at ORGATEC 2022.

Deliberating on the workplace of tomorrow with NEW WORK – NEW MINDSET

The now is of utmost importance because it paves the way for the future. In this edition of Orgatec 2022, there will be narratives of what the office of tomorrow will look like. A topic of interest is how far along is a future dependent on artificial intelligence away.

Discussing and displaying the Materials4Future

Coming from the future agency Haute Innovation, is a special area at ORGATEC 2022 called the “Materials4Future” that is dedicated towards sustainable materials that will also display of some of the latest innovations from the agency.

To see improvement in the current environmental crisis, it is imperative to think about net-positivity. Material technologies supplemented by solutions with smart functions and digital applications can contribute to reducing architectural and design footprint by a huge margin. Sustainability and digitalization, hence, have a pivotal influence on the future of interior design.

Strengthening the bonds between Real Estate and Sustainability

Literally and figuratively, real estate forms the ground of green buildings. To commemorate Investor’s Day at ORGATEC 2022, handling of resources and sustainable buildings are explored in depth in panels, lectures as well as panel discussions involving dignitaries like JOI Design, Werner Sobek and kadawittfeldarchitektur. Even investors such as JonesLangLasalle, Art-Invest and Colliers Deutschland and users of buildings will also give presentations and engage in professional discussions.

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24 October, 2022

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