Winning the #iSpyiGuzzini Challenge 2022!

As EXPO 2020 closed its doors to the world, so came the time for global lighting brand iGuzzini to pick a winner for their #iSpyiGuzzini Challenge 2022.

Location: KPS Showroom

Global, high end, lighting manufacturer, iGuzzini, was heavily involved in many areas of the EXPO 2022 exhibition showground. To recognise, applaud and demonstrate the importance of good quality lighting, iGuzzini challenged the international architecture and lighting community to participate in a social contest called ‘#iSpyiGuzzini’.

“This competition was simply borne out of the idea that, when we visited the EXPO with all the lights on in all its glory, we were amazed by the sheer number of diverse applications – the media facade, the architectural lighting, the landscape lighting – so many types, both good and bad,” says Richard Holmes, Regional Director, iGuzzini Middle East. “So we thought it would be wonderful to get everyone talking about the application of lighting in a lit environment, rather than light fittings, products and deliveries, and discounts!”

The rules of the competition were simple – take a picture of your favourite iGuzzini lighting installation in a setting, post it on Linkedin with the hashtag #iSpyiGuzzini, and the entry with the most likes by the deadline (March 31, 2022) wins a limited edition PizzaKobra, a stunning desk luminaire made of aluminium and steel with a glossy chrome-plated finish, and formed in concentric spires with an adjustable head. Side note – it is hinted that His Highness, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum also favours one on his desk!

We loved the inclusivity of this competition, whereby people from all over the world could participate, as not everyone had the pleasure and luxury of experiencing the EXPO in person.

“When I saw Richard’s message on Linked In about the competition and about EXPO, it completely resonated with my own ideologies about the event,” says Faraz Izhar, Senior Lighting Designer, KEO Design, and winner of iSpy iGuzzini 2022. “EXPO 2020 was a beautiful celebration of light, and it really motivated me to participate in the iSpy iGuzzini challenge to carry the message further.”

The image that Faraz submitted for his entry happened to be of his own office building, one where he sits everyday – the Rolex Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road. In fact, iGuzzini were the manufacturers employed for the lighting facade of this building way back in 2008, and this was one of the first facade lighting installations in the region at the time.

“When you first look at that facade, it seems like a normal, beautifully lit installation,” says Faraz. “But if you look enough, you notice the lights subtly dimming and brightening, and moving in a pattern that follows a certain design principle. It is absolutely mesmerising and, as a lighting designer, I can tell that some heavy amount of programming has been involved here. It’s one of the most innovative lighting solutions and has been a long time favourite of mine.”

Richard explains that the Rolex Tower project was one of the first and toughest facade projects that they took on. “The clients were extremely particular about the fact that the lighting should reflect the brand’s image and class,” he says. “Going back to the reason we had this competition during EXPO 2020 was because the lighting in that fair inspired us to celebrate what lighting is truly about, that the application matters! And that is precisely why we partnered with Love That Design to create the EXPO Hub powered by iGuzzini. To celebrate good lighting and to learn about the innovative, vast and diverse ways of good application of lighting.”

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10 June, 2022

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