Andreu World and other Industry Insiders on Contemporary Corporate Design

We have left the pandemic behind, but its aftereffects can still be felt. With ‘Work from Home’ becoming a successful trial, professionals now prefer to work from the comfort of their homes or adopt a hybrid approach. Office design now needs to be looked at with a renewed focus. What more can offices offer employees? Are well-designed offices the key to smoothly-functioning businesses? But most importantly, what makes for a well-designed office in this rebooted reality – biophilia, better collaborative spaces or something else?

Andreu World‘s publication ‘Work Well Seated‘ showcases 50 workspaces designed by top-notch design professionals, and fuses the stunning imagery with dialogues from various insiders from the design industry – from magazine editors to manufacturers to designers. Perfectly premised between the ongoing alterations in colloquial corporate design and gauging the perks a well-designed working spaces brings to employers, the book, ‘Work Well Seated’ makes its intent abundantly clear with its catchy tagline ‘Good design is good business.’

To further understand the takes of professionals within the industry about this topic, Andreu World invited Mandy Oeni, Director (Environments), Eight Inc., Mihir Sangaane, Design Director at Designsmith, Lena Marcuccilli, Design Editor & Content Specialist alongwith Daniel Grinan, Sales & Training Manager, MEA, India and Oceania, Andreu World for a webinar moderated by Vikita Shahani from Love That Design. What unfurled was a fruitful discussion with individual insights and compelling food for thought. Have a look to know more…

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