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5 Mar , 2018  

WORKSPACE 2018 is just around the corner and we’re particularly eager to see what it has to offer. While previous versions of the event have been successful in their own right, WORKSPACE this time around will be presenting a different experience. This year’s theme is based on the fusion of logic and expression, and will take visitors and exhibitors on a journey in terms of how ‘the self’ can truly come to life through design. Spread across the four day exhibition, the carefully curated products, installations and design talks will inspire design that is characteristic of personal expression and individuality.

Trinetic by BOSS DESIGN

Traditionally catering to the office furniture industry, this year’s exhibition will treat visitors and design enthusiasts to the biggest showcase of adaptable interior design products to date. The spotlight will be falling on learning, commercial and healthcare spaces, while the industry’s shift towards solutions that incorporate elements of hospitality and residences into corporate environments will be unpacked during the course of this jam-packed event. WORKSPACE 2018 promises to display some of the best products in modern design, which includes influential brands such as Herman Miller/H2O Concepts, Guialmi, Boss Design, Codutti and many more.

What’s new?

For the first time, WORKSPACE 2018 will be engaging visitors in a brand new way. We’ve collaborated with the team at DMG Events ME to create a dedicated Trend Tour – a digital guide that curates the best products and installations the show has to offer. The Trend Tour will guide visitors to stands and exhibitors, making for a seamless experience.

The live feature elements are poised to be the best ever displayed while leading firms such as Boss Design will use the WORKSPACE platform to launch their latest lines. According to Esha Elawadhi, Event Manager at DMG Events ME, “Last year our central focus was in highlighting the shift in design culture across offices and learning environments, open ways of working, and shared spaces. That movement is still taking place but has proven itself to be fluid across the entire scope of commercial development. Office furniture is now so dynamic and adaptable in its design that it becomes transferable and accessible to the likes of schools and hospitals, where it is just as at home both aesthetically and in terms of functionality. That’s a big change that opens up huge design opportunities – and that’s what we’re most passionate about showcasing.”

At Love That Design, we always look forward to the international hubs that play host to designs and collections from specific regions. Among them this year are pavilions from Germany, USA, UK, Italy, France and Austria. Amongst those launching new products at the show are Guialmi – Portugal’s leading commercial furniture brand – who will be unveiling their summer collection. Boss Design has chosen the show to host the Middle Eastern launch of their sensational new ATOM range.


For Those Who Yearn to Learn

Keeping in line with the latest topics and trends in the region, visitors will be welcome to attend the Work Design Studio presentation hub which will host seminars focused on promoting happiness and wellness in the workplace, with Oliver Baxter, psychologist and Insight Programme Manager at Herman Miller, as a keynote speaker. With Dubai residents’ happiness high on the list of priorities, we can expect some great insights from Oliver and the Herman Miller team.

Workspace 2018
Steelcase and Bolia Design

If you don’t know what the colour of the year is yet, you’ll definitely be educated at the show. Apart from sponsoring Design Talks at WORKSPACE 2018, OFIS are creating a unique space that will allow guests to immerse themselves in Ultraviolet, the Pantone Color of the Year. By collaborating with global brands, including Interface, Steelcase, Boss Design and Oasis Paints, the furniture specialists will deliver an interactive lounge area decked out almost entirely in Ultra Violet, where visitors will be able to mix and match the vibrant hue with different colors and textures. 

“Pantone’s choice has been a divisive subject among designers, but we are confident that Ultraviolet can make a strong statement in interiors. When combined with either vibrant or muted color palettes, this purple shade blends well, adding character to space. Visitors to WORKSPACE 2018 will be able to see how the touch of violet can be used in the form of wall paint, furniture upholstery, carpet tiles, and accessories,” said Melia Abs, interior designer at OFIS.

We’re excited to be a part of WORKSPACE 2018 and will be posting regular updates on what’s hot and happening at the event!

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