Year End Wrap 2020, and New Horizons for 2021

A look back at 2020, what changed and what remained the same, our latest offerings, and what more can we expect. Here’s a recap…



2020 has been a year of change and upheaval for many across the globe. For us at LTD, this year marked some poignant changes within our structure, and our way of working. Work from home became quite the norm, and for a digital platform, the move to online was, thankfully, second nature. In fact, we could argue that efficiencies increased in the process. 

However, more importantly, this year allowed us time to focus on some of the ideas sitting on the back burner, and bring them to fruition. We are proud to have launched several new digital implementations and multiple avenues of growth. Here are our latest products in no particular order:


This incredibly advanced digital platform enables design teams to work more effectively, from tracking sales and products to managing projects, and designing customised specifications. With multiple design houses across the globe having successfully implemented this program, we have been collating feedback with real time support and continue to tweak and improve. All we can say is, once you use .STUDIO, you can’t go back!


Design Collective and LTD Product Awards

In the thick of summer and lockdown, Love That Design hosted Design Collective, a three-day online design extravaganza where our platform became a live channel for multiple discussions, talks, debates and brand partner promotional content. More than 60 global and local experts from the fields of design, architecture, sustainability and wellness came together to discuss the changing face of design, the current health crises, and innovations in the way we live, work and play. Needless to say, the event was a first of its kind in the region, and a resounding success! A parallel stream of programming featured videos and whitepapers from LTD’s brand partners, and the event culminated in the highly coveted LTD Product Awards! Another first in the region. 

So positive was the feedback, in fact, that we decided to make this an annual event. You can look forward to Design Collective 2021 and the second edition of the LTD Product Awards this June. Mark your calendars as this one will be bigger and better!

The Shortlisting Tool

This particular development was borne of several years of data gathering, and will prove to be immensely helpful to clients and project managers. To make the whole process of selection before the start of a design project a lot easier and much more precise, we launched the Shortlisting Tool on our platform, which allows potential clients and design service seekers across the globe to pick the best Interior Designers, Contractors, Manufacturers, Products, and much more based on their industry, style, preference and needs. In short, we do the wading and sifting for you, and give you a handpicked selection tailored to your requirements.

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Design 2022: The Region’s Latest A&D Industry Research Paper

After the success of our first research paper, Design 2022 continues to provide deeper insight, allowing us to envision the future of interior design. This report offers extensive, actionable insights that can be easily leveraged to improve your creative, commercial and execution capabilities. Best of all, it’s FREE! Go ahead and download it now.

Get Design 2022

More to unfold in 2021

Never ones to sit still, the busy bees at Love That Design have already started working on more offerings for 2021, here are a few highlights of what to expect:

Love That Design Product Awards 2021: Bigger, better and grander than before, our entries have more than doubled, so the competition will be fierce. Make sure to have all your best products listed with us. 

Product Catalogue: This one is a game changer for those aware of the hassle associated with wading through multiple product libraries, brands and dealerships. Our catalogue is a one-stop shop resource for clients, designers and the A&D industry at large to easily source and specify design-led products for their next great space!

Explore thousands of products and ranges  

LTD Community: We’re on a mission to build the world’s largest, digital, interior design and construction community. An all-encompassing platform, LTD Community is slated to become the largest single platform catering to the entire gamut of A&D in the region. Keep logging in to for more details!

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