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Safe is a screen collection designed to protect you from virus and bacteria. It responds to global regulations and is easy to clean and install.

Safe Dispenser Holder

Alea offers its own version of dispenser and devices for individual protection holder to ensure a safe, germs free workplace.


Common areas and open spaces are well known to increase the sense of team work and community. Here is where people share ideas or simply stay together.

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Via Col de Rust, 19 - 33070
Sarone di Caneva (PN)

We are Italian industrial artisans who design and build a wide range of contract furniture offerings: benching, desking, European systems, complete custom capability, conference rooms, training tables, coffee tables, storage and receptions.

Alea can manufacture products that flow very easily among high-end to mid-market to budget solutions based not only on our quality standards, but on our robust range of material offerings that help us achieve a variety of price points.

Our production facility meets International Standards Organization (ISO) principles with state of the art technology machinery mechanisms + procedures. We operate a two shift pattern per day, including Saturdays.

How we do it

Alea has always practiced just in time manufacturing in a region that has a strong supply chain apparatus. Our research and development department conceives, engineers and develops all components and products that are 100% Italian. Our manufacturing facilities feature the most innovative numerically controlled technologies available. Automated manufacturing enhances our production yet we still have real people making the Alea products which gives us the ability for a tailor made approach.

Well over 75% of our production is dedicated to making specials, a complete custom process based on your design concept,  15% is deviation from standard products,  10% is standard offerings.

Our portfolio of products is designed to integrate with each other, from a kit of parts to well designed products that have been well executed without distrupting our quick production times. Alea also incorporates the highest of standards when it comes to packaging, which guarantees a clean delivery and Complete and On Time (COT) rate of 98%.

Ecopack - Respect for the Environment

Alea products are packed using cardboard only (85%recylcled), without including any kind of foam. A dedicated and innovative packing line machine folds up the cardboard, prepares the protection sides and packs automatically all the items. The packaging can be easily recycled because it is made of a single, natural and nonpolluting material. This is why all Alea packaging is signed with the ECOPACK logo, to emphasize this initiative that reduces the impact on the environment.

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Francesco Frara
Email address: [email protected]
Contact Number: +39 337 899400

Email address: [email protected]