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New for 2021, Kinesit Met is a sophisticated evolution of the Kinesit office chair, now available in a refreshed palette. Created as Arper’s first regulatory-compliant office chair, Kinesit Met is available with metallic finished armrests and in new, rich and nuanced materials, colors, and textures. Inspired by the contemporary moment and the evolution in our workplaces and spaces, Kinesit Met is designed forhow (and where) we work today – softer, adaptable, and from anywhere. This new palette selection adds refinement and style to imbedded soft technology, marrying performance and style in a sleek silhouette. Design has come home.

Light and minimal in design, Kinesit Met features built-in mechanisms hidden discreetly under the seat. An invisible, adjustable lumbar support is concealed within the backrest’s thin frame to give additional flexibility and comfort. Kinesit Met is available in a low or medium back option customizable in a range of textured and shaded fabric options. Aluminum armrests and base are available in metallic finish options of copper, space grey, or charcoal grey.

Kinesit Met


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