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B-Line S.r.l.
Via Galileo Galilei 13/B 35030 Sarmeola di Rubano (PD)

B—Line’s path started in 1999 with the recovery of the original moulds, re-proposing, and at times also revisiting in contemporary style, famous pieces like Joe Colombo’s much acclaimed Boby storage trolley, one that still nowadays is to be found exuding its everlasting appeal within the most varied spaces of our lives and times.

From the very beginning, side by side with its re-editions, B—Line places contemporary furnishing accessories, resulting from collaborations with international designers. Tangible, factual and transversal projects that have the responsibility and honour to co-exist with the great cornerstones of design and to encourage, in terms of style and character, a smooth switch from home environments to working spaces and from outdoors to indoors, areas that are increasingly hybrid and mercurial, as demanded by contemporary lifestyles.

Zero-mile Sustainability

All B—Line products are entirely “Made in Italy” and tend to be “Zero-Mile”. In fact, the company favours neighbouring concerns that are the source of incredible skills that constitute a heritage of the highest craftsmanship and excellence to be safeguarded.

Environmental protection is at the root of the whole productive process. Transport and recycling involve huge squandering of energy and consumptions, which B—Line seeks to avoid.


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