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Dynamic, architectural and ergonomic
B_Run adjusts to the user in every way using intelligent technology, readable functionality, ergonomics and optical and functional diversity. Its clear, graphic design language is restrained, elegant and self-confident.

Combining the various elements of the B_Run office chair enables a high level of individualisation. B_Run, a swivel chair with a shape that is harmoniously integrated in Bene’s product portfolio.

The flexible design of the swivel chair is shown by the backrest: mesh back, upholstered back or PP membrane in two different heights. Four different armrests are available: fixed armrest, loop armrest, multifunctional 3D and 2D armrests. Even more comfort is provided by the lumbar support, the seat tilt/depth adjustment and a pneumatic spring with mechanical depth spring. The synchro-mechanism (seat and back) supports dynamic sitting and optimises movement.

Seat upholstery
Ergonomically shaped seat made of polyurethane cold foam. Fabrics and leathers in the colours of the Bene Spectrum.

Backrest versions
Three backrest options are available for the B_Run swivel chair:

Backrest with polypropylen membrane
The ergonomically shaped plastic back made of polypropylene is highly flexible and pleasant to the touch. The perforation makes it flexible and ensures good air circulation. The frame gives the back the stability it needs.
Plastic colours: Black.
Mesh backrest
Self-supporting functional fabric made of 100% polyester offers optimal back support and ensures good air circulation. The circumferential plastic frame gives the back stability and is directly connected to the inner workings.
Standard range includes seven mesh colours.
Upholstered backrest
Ergonomically shaped upholstered back made of polyurethane cold foam. The structured polypropylen back tray is non-sensitive, scratch-resistant and easy to wipe off.
Fabrics and leathers in the colours of the Bene Spectrum.

Available options of armrests:

Fixed armrests
Classic armrests with minimal design and embossed surface – polypropylene plastic in black.
Loop armrests
Stylish ring-shaped armrests that imparts a feeling of exclusivity. The surface is structured and pleasent to touch – polypropylene plastic in black.
2D / 3D armrests
2D: Adjustable height and width.
3D: Adjustable height, width and depth.
Soft padding with structured surface and pleasent touch – polyamide plastic in black.
Chair base
Plastic polyamide fibreglass-reinforced, black. Optional: die-cast aluminium in black and powder-coated aluminium-coloured or polished aluminium.

Double castors with load-dependent braking mechanism according to DIN EN 12529, optionally with hard or soft contact surface, depending on floor.

Lumbar support
An important option for a healthy back.
The height of the lumbar support can be adjusted to give your back additional support in the lumbar region. Ergonomically-shaped polymer pad.

Adjustment range: 100mm on chairs with mesh back / 80mm on chairs with upholstered back.

Clothes hanger / Head rest
Optional. Polypropylene plastic in black.

Dynamic sitting. Dynamic working.

Adjusting the seat height
The seat height is adjusted by using the button on the front right. Seat adjustment range: 400–510mm. Optimal seat position: A 90 degree angle between lower leg and thigh, feet fl at on the floor.

Locking the backrest
Using the lever on the front left, the seat and backrest can be moved in synch and locked in one of four positions. Press the lever again and lean on the backrest to release.

Backrest resistance
By turning the knob at the front left, the amount of pressure of the backrest can be adjusted to fi t body weight and the user’s individual impression of what is most comfortable. Quick and easy to adjust while sitting. Adjustment range: 45–120kg body weight.

Seat depth adjustment
Optional. With the button at the right back the seat depth can be increased up to 50mm. Range: 390–440mm; can be locked in place in 5 positions.

Adjusting the forward tilt
Optional. When the lever on the front left is in the lowest position the angle of the seat can be tilted forward by 4 degrees. This setting option helps to relieve pressure on the back during prolonged computer-related tasks.

Fixed armrests: Make getting up and sitting down easier. Klassisch und minimiert im Design.

Loop armrests: Make getting up and sitting down easier. Formschöne Ringarmlehen, die Hochwertigkeit vermittelt.

2D armrests: are adjustable in height and width. Adjustment range: Height 100mm / width 70mm.

3D armrests: are adjustable in height, width and depth. Adjustment range: Height 100mm / width 70mm / depth 60mm. Pivotable up to 30 degrees inwards and outwards

Mechanical depth spring
The spring cushions the body weight in the lowest seating position.

Bene works sustainably
Bene takes a leading role in responsible environmental management. It is practised throughout the company, from product development to procurement, production, distribution and product recycling.

Bene regards ecological responsibility as central to sustainable corporate strategy.

Bene aims to exceed legal requirements and to strive for better, more sustainable environmental protection throughout the Bene group. Bene’s key environmental principles are: Avoidance – Minimisation – Recycling – Disposal.

B_Run – Ecological standards
B_Run is 94 % recyclable
Recyclable packaging materials (polyethylene film and cardboard)
Use of 42 % recycled production materials (post-consumer 35 %, pre-consumer 7 %)
Resource-conserving product design
Very light design: Weight varies between 14–18 kg according to version
Made of high-quality, long-lasting materials
Rapid disassembly
Longer useful life because service parts are easy to exchange (cushions, armrests, …)
Avoid materials that are harmful to the environment
CFC-free foam
No use of PVC, adhesive substances, chrome, lead or mercury
Coatings are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC-free)
Bene Spectrum fabrics are produced in accordance with ecological regulations, such as the Oeko-Tex 100 standard
B _Run can contribute to LEED accreditation
B_Run Material components

Foam, textile fabrics
1,19kg / 6,89%

3,39kg / 19,6%

4,78kg / 27,6%

7,95kg / 45,91%

Total weight of reference model: 17,32kg



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