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Functionality and comfort in the workplace. Delta by Bene creates a friendly atmosphere for business: the cosy design combined with wooden elements and well-engineered desk functions brings the comfort and feeling of the home into the office.
The integration of T-PANELS, can also define working areas. Different height, colour and material combinations create structure in the office environment – which creates space for individuality in the design and handling. Thanks to a variety of design options, Delta by Bene can affect a room in many ways: the use of a powder coated steel frame leg produces a cool, minimalistic look. The natural oak or graphite stained version convey an air of warmth.

Delta High by Bene brings the comfort and demands of the classic Delta by Bene to an even higher level. And in the truest sense of the word at that: at a fixed height of 107 centimetres, it is easy to work while standing here.

Delta by Bene


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