About the Product

Designed in collaboration with Daniel Germani Designs, Dekton Chromica is comprised of two
deeply saturated hues, Baltic and Feroe, their sleek matte finish exudes drama and
sophistication — drawing inspiration directly from nature’s wildest and most remote places while
reflecting Mother Nature’s force and determination.
The result of this recent collaboration between Germani and the Cosentino Product and R&D
team is two simply stunning and unique colours. The intense character afforded by the Baltic
blue and Feroe green tones are perfect for elegant, sophisticated and balanced projects that
exude personality. Taking inspiration from the colours seen in nature’s wildest and most
remote places, Baltic and Feroe are synonymous with force and determination.
Baltic emerges from the most daring depths of the sea, from the struggle between light and
darkness to master the nuances of the ocean. A pure, aesthetic concept in dark blue that boasts a
strong yet serene personality.
Feroe. Inspired by the hidden and unexplored corners of nature, Feroe combines a subdued and
sophisticated character, resulting in a unique dark green hue. A tone created in harmony, it
perfectly complements warm, fresh design palettes.





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