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Pol. Ind. Santa Margarita c/ Llobregat, 21 08223 Terrassa

We design yarns. We research colours.
We weave fabrics. It’s simple: at Crevin we give life to good textiles.

Our story begins in 1976 in Terrassa— a small, coastal town with a long textile tradition, not too far from Barcelona. It is the city of our founders. They knew it was the right place for Crevin. Their vision was to do things differently, to do things well and to do them at home, creating a family.

This is how we are today. The company has been growing over the years and so has the sense of community. We know each other. We’ve been working together for a long time.

Everything starts in the design department. For our designers, comfort and durability are key. And so is beauty. Only the best ideas have a future.

Once we are convinced, we jump on the machines. Production begins. Spinning. Turning. Weaving. Thread becomes fabric.

We weave hundreds of thousands of meters of fabric – and what happens to the waste we generate?, you might ask. Good question.
At Crevin, everything has a value and must be used. We recycle all of our leftover fabric by spinning it into new yarn.

Water is precious too. Our ultrafiltration system allows us to reuse water in a circular way. Every drop counts.

Quality means care. Through our fabrics, this is what we deliver to clients all over the world.

In the end, what is a fabric? Something we make together, to be together. Again and again.