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The marriage of a complex structured multi-level loop and digital colouration gives the Memory collection a unique expression. Memory comprises three designs, each in 9 architectural colours. The colour palette is structured around light, medium and dark tones, which can be used in combination to reflect the social aspect of the office space. Designed by Carol Appleton.

At Ege Carpets we use Aquafil’s ECONYL® yarns produced from among others used fishing nets. Once the fishing nets are collected and cleaned, they are physically and chemically broken down and reborn as strong and hardwearing yarns for carpets.

400 cm
48 x 48 cm
96 x 96 cm
Total Weight
3.050 g/m2
Total thickness
8.5 mm
Ecotrust 350, 100% recycled
dB Rating
30 dB


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