F5 Shower Panels


About the Product

The F5 shower panels – made from a single cast – are exceptionally suitable for equipping heavily used shower facilities. Made of MIRANIT, smooth and pore-free surface of the housing material is extremely robust, temperature resistant up to 80°C and easy to clean and are integrated with the innovative F5 tap technologies. Flexible connections enable universal use for water connections from the wall or ceiling. Variable housing extensions are available as accessories to cover surface-mounted installations.

Key Features
The shower panels are made of MIRANIT and they are available with the first patented ceramic cartridge for self-closing taps FRAMIC (FRanke Modular Innovation Cartridge). Their advantages lie in the longevity of the non-wearing ceramic discs in conjunction with the non-stagnating, hydraulic control element, which operates independently of the prevailing flow pressure.

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