Kitchen Box Centre


About the Product

The Box Center is designed to be a clever organization system that combines a sink and kitchen accessories into one compact, highly-functional and aesthetic unit. Despite a total width of just 860 mm, it provides a second, narrow sink, in which all-important utensils such as the cutting board and knife block are stored to be always close at hand. When not in use, all the Box Center accessories can be hidden away under a cover, “night mode” , in the “space-saving system”.

Box Center is available in two different types of installations, undermount or slimptop.
Accessories included:
– 3 knives
– Knives holder
– Hygienie chopping board
– Wooden chopping board
– Draining rack
– Stainless steel strainer bowl

Key Features
In a well-organized kitchen, every movement you make is effective. The Box Center is the epitome of efficiency in this respect. The most important kitchen accessories are neatly stored in the compartment bowl – right where you need them for preparing food.

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