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The upper and lower aluminum profile has the same shaped aesthetic, with dimensions equal to L. 35 mm H. 38 mm and available in 4 finishes: white, black, anodized and polished aluminum.

The K35 wall is dynamic, light and very competitive.

The vertical glass sheets, 10 or 12 mm thick, are joined together by polycarbonate joints which ensure stability and tightness. Adequate acoustic insulation is entrusted to gaskets inserted inside the extruded aluminum profile.

The polycarbonate connection joints can be 2, 3 and 4 ways giving maximum freedom of configuration. Taking advantage of the lift of the glass and the modularity of the system, K35 allows large and continuous glass surfaces with modules one after the other without intermediate uprights.

To allow to level any uneven walls, various solutions are proposed with adjustable starting elements from the wall.

The essential design doors are available in the hinged or sliding type, with single or double leaf, with central glass (10 mm or 12 mm thickness) or double glass (8 mm thickness).

K35 is also completed with hollow core doors with or without frame, laminated or lacquered, which create an alternation of elements and play with the transparency of the walls, enliven the space by redesigning the environments. The glass sliding doors are fitted with 6 mm thick glass and are equipped with a soft-closing device. K35 also allows the installation of universal doors.

The glasses can be transparent, but also customized with acid-etched glass effect films or with decorations that enrich the workspace.

K35 also offers the possibility of creating sophisticated English-style environments and walls through the simple installation of a vertical and horizontal profile that intersect forming a texture.

K35 is the ideal solution of partition walls for spaces that require visual lightness, little space and ease of assembly.

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