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Pop Ad height-adjustable bench stations can be provided in double stations or connected to each other to create working islands. Each workstation can be adjusted independently, allowing each user to change position during the working day.

The possibility to store up to 4 positions allows the height of the desk to be adjusted ad hoc from 65 to 125 cm. This ensures all necessary movements that allow you to work in harmony with your back and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Scientific studies have certified the valuable daily contribution of ergonomic work processes in reducing stress and achieving a happy and stimulating working climate. Simply press the button and the electrical controls do the rest. The display indicates the height to facilitate manual settings – a clever function when moving between desks.

As an option, you can apply a kit of 2 metal panels to cover the structure. The inner panel is shorter than the outer panel to allow cable removal and exit.

Pop Ad – teamwork tables


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