Green Furniture

8 Oct , 2017  

Our seating, acoustic lighting and interior accessories are made in Sweden, but our work is international in scope. Clean lines, high quality and sustainable materials shape our products. Designed for shopping centres, airports and other public areas, our products transform any space into a design destination.  

Sustainable design

The Green Furniture Concept involves the marriage of design and sustainability that yields unique, eye-catching and highly-functional furnishings. Sustainable brand boosters. When it comes to materials, we find that nature’s own hold the strongest appeal. Wood from FSC-certified sources and pure wool. Metal parts and plastic fittings come from recycled sources where quality is guaranteed. Our products fulfill the furniture criteria for BREEAM and LEED.

What's New

Leaflamp Series

A soft and natural ambiance shaper both visually and acoustically. Foliage of wool felt that absorbs sound (A-class) and radically improves the speech perception in a room. Grand light trees in scale with grand interiors as well as pendants and standing lamps of ø80 cm and ø130 cm.

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