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Cabana Lounge is the first sofa system designed to deliver optimal user performance, comfort, and design to create unique destination spaces in the office environment. Its flexible design suits a variety of needs for both focus work and rejuvenation—on your own or with a group.

We work in the moment. Cabana Lounge responds to the changing office landscape with thoughtfully integrated worksurfaces, embedded power options, visual privacy, and application flexibility that support the temporary moments of your day—just steps from your workspace.

In one moment, you need to focus. Cabana Lounge was designed to support your body and your mind, with shorter seat depths and upright backs that keep you in postures for staying engaged.

  • Achieve physical comfort through postural support and placement of work tools, embedded power, and accessories.
  • The light-scale, inviting design brings warmth to the office, creating visual comfort that soothes your senses so you can focus.
  • Various modules for sitting—sofa, chaise lounge, and individual lounge, in different dimensions—create variety in perspective.

In the next moment you need to rejuvenate. Or work with a team. Cabana Lounge offers a simple, modular statement of line to create a variety of configurations within a floorplate.

  • Sofas are appropriately sized—providing more personal space for two people to collaborate in comfort while taking up less floor space.
  • Elegant silhouettes of full-back, half-back, and no-back sofas create levels within a space—both open areas and private nooks.
  • Upholstered screens in varying lengths and heights provide space division and shelter from the din and activity around you.
  • Tables are either attached to sofas or freestanding to support work tools and personal items.

A moment of inspiration or a moment of celebration? The soft, rounded edges and organic shapes of Cabana Lounge provide inviting spaces and dynamic landscapes that draw you in.

  • Its light aesthetic and mix of materials create a warm, inviting, and familiar environment.
  • The palette and textiles were carefully selected wit


Cabana Lounge™


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