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Canvas Office Landscape

Product Story

Canvas Office Landscape is an adaptive solution for creating human-centered workplaces. Consisting of a concise set of elements, Canvas simplifies the creation of varied settings to support the activities of individuals and groups. Its elements combine harmoniously in many different ways, so Canvas can address the widest possible range of workplace needs. The office becomes a place people want to be, and where they have the connections they need—with others and their tools—to do their best work.


Providing choices—to organizations and planners—is integral to Canvas. Perhaps more important, Canvas gives the freedom to create a variety of settings geared to the activities of workers, which fosters their engagement. Private offices, individual workspaces, open team and group areas that achieve a balance between privacy and connection—Canvas can do them all.



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Designed by

Jeffrey Bernett

Nicholas Dodziuk

Douglas Ball

Joey Ruiter


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