Compass System

Co-founder of design firm Continuum, a global innovation and design consultancy, Zaccai brought that forward-looking perspective to bear on the design of the Compass system, his latest design for Herman Miller Healthcare. He wasn’t interested in producing a “better” healthcare product—his goal was to create a better healthcare experience.

The perfect healthcare space today will not be perfect tomorrow. Healthcare organizations face an ongoing challenge in managing their facilities: while treatment and care processes continually evolve, many healthcare spaces are not designed to adapt. Compass helps navigate change. A modular system of interchangeable components for hospital and outpatient facilities, Compass is used to create applications for patient rooms, exam rooms, caregiver work areas, and other clinical spaces.

Compass accommodates the utility needs of healthcare environments. Its intelligent infrastructure manages utilities whether pre-piped/pre-wired, stubbed out, or chased from the ceiling. The infrastructure was engineered to accommodate imperfections in construction by allowing the system to be levelled so when walls are not flat or plumb, the final solution looks perfect. Intelligent design and efficient installation make the purchase price affordable. Unmatched flexibility minimizes life-cycle costs and delivers great value over time. To manage inevitable damage and wear-and-tear, Compass’ modular design and rail system make it easy to swap out modules whether it’s a single tile or an entire wall.

Designed by

Gianfranco Zaccai

Gianfranco Zaccai was born in Trieste, Italy, and grew up in the U.S. His ties to both countries have always been strong, and after graduating from Syracuse University, one of his first jobs as a designer was for a company in Milan that made clinical diagnostic devices. Gianfranco Zaccai has been thinking about—and working with—healthcare design for several decades. He believes that "designers need to strive for a better kind of better." What does that mean? "The days of prevailing in the marketplace by producing a better thing or a better service—more desirable, easier to use, easier to manufacture or deliver—are passing," he says. "The winners now will be those who provide customers with the best total experience. People want great experiences."

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