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Herman Miller

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The fluid, dynamic movement of Flo monitor arms lets you adjust the position of one screen or multiples with minimum effort and maximum precision—then keep the screen exactly where you need it without taking the time to tighten it. Patented technology gives you a large range of motion and quick, intuitive fingertip control, offering the perfect position to support everyone’s eyes, even people with progressive lenses.

Innovative Features, Patented Performance

Flo’s patented geometric spring technology and dynamic fingertip control provide an unmatched range and ease of movement up, down, forward, backward, tilted, and rotated to suit your needs.

Easy Installation and Operation

Flo mounts easily to a variety of work surfaces in multiple ways. It offers a consistent solution to a dynamic workplace and workforce. With just a single adjustment point, it’s simple to set the optimum tension to hold your equipment, then simply repeat the weight setting on all workstations to cut installation time.

Multiple Configurations

Flo works with most flat-panel monitors on the market, and the Flo family offers options to support a variety of equipment from a single monitor or laptop to as many as four devices. It’s also compatible with touchscreen monitors, letting you move the screen into a comfortable reading or touch position.

Purity of Design

Scaled up or down, the entire Flo family relies on one clean design for an elegant, pared-down aesthetic that complements any environment. No matter which solution you choose, the intuitive, dynamic control operates exactly the same, helping people move from one monitor to the next knowing they can adjust each screen to meet their needs.

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