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Inspired by concrete and confetti, Look Both Ways™ by Interface marries hard and soft flooring with intentional design in one seamless cohesive collection. Cleverly designed to offer endless combinations and create unique spaces, this collection offers duality with a seamless mix of playful patterns and urban textures that result in exciting and dynamic floor designs that embrace the unexpected.

Launched by leading flooring manufacturer Interface in October 2019, Look Both Ways is a unique collection combining Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and carpet tile within one seamless beautiful range. 

Cleverly designed to offer endless combinations and create unique spaces, this collection offers duality with playful patterns and urban textures which are mixed seamlessly, resulting in exciting and dynamic floor designs that embrace the unexpected.

Aesthetically, Look Both Ways is one of a kind. When designing the collection, Interface Vice President of Product Design, Kari Pei, wanted to actively support spaces where people could function at their best, as well as being able to boost their mental well-being. 

Look Both Ways is inspired by concrete, confetti and colour, offering designers an on-trend collection which enables the creation of beautiful environments which look like no other. Combined with the practicality of acoustic backings, as well as the easy maintenance and strong performance benefits that Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and carpet tiles offer, Look Both Ways has already been successfully received within the market. The collection is artistic yet minimalist which makes it easy to use the designs to fit any aesthetic, performance or sustainability requirement. The range is also offered at a price point-driven design brief.

More responsible flooring 

Look Both Ways is 100% carbon neutral throughout its lifecycle. This comes as part of the Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme which is achieved by reducing its products’ carbon footprint or emissions combined with the purchase of offsets. 

Launched in 2018, the programme is part of the company’s commitment to both Mission Zero® and Climate Take Back™. The goal of Mission Zero® is to have no negative impact on the environment by 2020 and to inspire other organisations around the world to follow suit. Climate Take Back™ is the company’s commitment to run the business in a way that reverses the effects of global warming and creates a climate fit for life.  

Across a product’s lifecycle, Interface uses innovative approaches and thinking to reduce their environmental impact – for example through redesign, dematerialisation, recycled content and working with suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint. Globally Interface has reduced the carbon footprint of its carpet tile by more than 66%, with the remainder offset by investing in reforestation, renewable energy and community-focused projects. For every 1,000 square metres of product sold, the company offsets 10 metric tons of carbon emissions or the equivalent to a car travelling nearly 24,500 miles, or one trip around the Earth’s equator. In addition, the company has cut its greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing by 96%.  

As part of Interface’s circular approach to production, Look Both Ways has been created with a controlled material stream, so it can be reclaimed and recycled with Interface’s ReEntry™ programme – an initiative to divert waste from landfill to help achieve the collective goal to zero impact on the environment. Look Both Ways LVT is also free of ortho-phthalates and other materials of concern, so the LVT can be safely recycled at scale.

Market-driven design

Throughout its journey towards greater levels of sustainability, Interface has developed technological advances and initiatives which have massively increased its environmental credentials. Look Both Ways is an example of this positive innovation, and is made with recycled nylon. Interface’s patented technology to efficiently tuft yarn and recapture the excess also significantly diminishes waste when producing the product. 

Look Both Ways is available with a variety of backings – including CircuitBac Green, the world’s first commercially available carbon negative backing. This uses bio-based materials that are good at sequestering carbon through photosynthesis. By using Look Both Ways with CircuitBac Green, Interface is able to transform its collection into manmade carbon sinks. 

Look Both Ways is designed with the well-being of users in mind and meets the highest standards for indoor air quality. For those creating spaces for concentration and focus, the LVT in Look Both Ways comes with the innovative Sound ChoiceTM backing and is also Quiet Mark™ certified due to its superior noise reduction properties. Interface recently carried out a survey of 2,000 workers, examining the impact of noise on employees. 60% of respondents in the UK said noise impacts their concentration, with almost the same percentage saying it makes them feel edgy or irritated.

Commercial Viability

Look Both Ways has been launched to suit the practical needs of the market. To support time-poor contractors and installers, the collection makes LVT to carpet transition much simpler to create. Interface’s integrated modular flooring system means that tiles fit together seamlessly without the need for transition strips. The easy to fit design and format means the tiles are simple to lay, replace and maintain, helping designers quickly create unique and endless patterns and colour combinations for their space.  

Performance and durability are key performance indicators when it comes to any Interface product and Look Both Ways is no different. This is why both carpet tile and LVT come with a 15-year warranty. Look Both Ways LVT is engineered for premium durability in high traffic environments. The combination of the 0.55-millimetre wear layer, embossing and Ceramor™ coating combine for superior surface performance, helping minimise scratching. The carpet tiles’ low modification ratio and solution-dyed nylon offer owners superior stain resistance in an easy to clean product which holds up to heavy traffic.

Look Both Ways is a fantastic new collection that brings carpet and LVT together like never before, suitable for all commercial installations – from offices and conference areas to retail, hospitality and educational spaces. 


Look Both Ways



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