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The synthesis of lightness: Two innovations.A new sense of lightness. The new, transparent membrane consti tutes the evolution of the mesh back. It allows AirPad to float lightly in space and enhances modern, reductionist architecture. The body is kept at an ideal temperature through a high degree of moisture exchange, which prevents the build-up of heat. The membrane ensures excellent freedom of movement and provides support through fine, flexible AirPads. The Body-Float synchromechanism presents an amazing, unique body float sitting experience. Taking a seat in AirPad means gently falling back into an automatically adjusted, ideally balanced sitting position. To feel one with the chair and the environment, to get down to work and remain fresh. Wouldn’t it be nice to fill the day with so much lightness? Nothing easier than that.

Designer Notes:

Andreas Krob is an industrial designer. B4K was founded with Uta Krob in 2001. The office stands for sensitive design of demanding and innovative tasks from the design and architecture fields. The furniture speaks an indi vidual language of form and each single piece is unique in its character. The product design for AirPad was realised in cooperation with Joachim Brüske. Joachim Brüske took charge of the technical management.



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