More than a faucet

Designed by Michael Foley, Tiaara is a unique combination of effortless functionality within a stunning form. Designed like a piece of jewelry with echoing ovals, it is a faucet that brings a unique sculptural quality to a commonplace function and elevates its usage into a memorable experience.

A loop to go with the flow 

The position of the Tiaara’s inner loop determines the temperature of water and the amount that flows. A simple arc of movement provides every flow rate and temperature needed.

Usage made desirable 

Redefining the method of dispensing water, Tiaara’s lever is an integral part of the faucet, and intuitive to hold and swing out.

Crowned with accolades 

With prestigious, international and Indian design awards to its name, Tiaara spotlights what brand like Artize is capable of – a design thinking, a manufacturing capability and a user experience equal to the best in the world


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