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Keep belongings in reach with Bobbr Undermount Storage, a convenient storage solution featuring a clean, compact design. Available on select KI tables, including Toggle and WorkUp, Bobbr seamlessly raises and lowers with height-adjustable surfaces.

  • Compact, Convenient Design  ​​​​​​​Bobbr is designed to fit easily beneath Toggle and WorkUp tables (fixed and height-adjustable models).
  • Optional Top Drawer  Push-to-open top drawer locks to keep items secure. Seamless front features a clean design.
  • Optional Bottom Cubby Door  Choose left or right door opening orientation. Seamless, push-to-open door comes standard with lock.
  • Optional Contrasting Paint Colors  Specify paint in two colors: one for body of unit and one for fronts of door/drawer.
  • Optional USB Power  Cutout comes standard on all units for left or right side orientation. When specified, USB port provides convenient access to power.
  • Optional Hanging Metal Shelf ​​​​​​​– Add a hanging metal shelf inside the cubby for tiered storage support. Allows for file folders to be hung from bottom lip of shelf.
  • Optional Peg Accessories – Perforations along body sides and door front (when specified) support placement of accessory hooks or cupholder.
  • Felt Lining ​​​​​​​– Polyester felt on cubby base and top shelf (or drawer) helps prevent damage to personal items.

Bobbr Undermount Storage


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