Ginger Indoor Wall Lamp 2

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The Ginger collection is notable for its great simplicity of form, its lightweight appearance and reflected direct light. A design for any type of project. Available in two very different materials, wood or metal, it provides a warm glow with no glare, illuminating just the areas that need it.

The wall model comes in four sizes that can be combined to form a two- or three-piece set connected to a single point of light. This wall lamp is sophisticated, almost sculptural, the most striking version in the whole collection because it reveals the hidden light source. The metal edition now evolves, and in a natural progression, appears in new colours: mauve, stone grey and sand. New discreet finishes that respect Ginger’s sobriety and add new nuances to its light. Furthermore, the colours can be combined, providing multiple reflections. An aesthetic, almost graphic design that is stunning in any of its finishes.

With these two such diverse materials, wood and metal, Ginger becomes a versatile collection, so much so that it includes an outdoor version, coming full circle. There’s a Ginger for every lighting and aesthetic requirement.

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