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Bookshelves are an important furnishing element in our offices. They can contain books, docs, folders but also display decorative objects, vases, travel souvenirs, becoming a real piece of furniture able to determine the style of the environment in which it is located. The Biblos Martex Bookshelf is a system that is expressed in: Biblos_tower with shelves: floor-standing or wall-hung and Biblos_grid with modular bookcase. Biblos_tower: Not only office, the Martex bookshelf can be placed in any environment, also at home. This Bookshelf is available in 2 or 3 columns, in 3 heights and 3 different widths, in the wall-hung or floor-standing version. It can be customized with back and sides, top and bottom but unlike Biblos-grid it is not possible to equip the compartments with doors, drawers and filing cabinets. Biblos_grid: The Martex modular bookshelf is a versatile system consisting of a metal frame, to which shelves, backs, drawers, chest drawers, doors, planter box, cushions and TV compartments can be added. It is totally customizable making each bookshelf unique and original, a single product that allows to obtain different compositions: from the bench, to the separating bookshelf in the middle of the room, up to the ceiling bookshelf.

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