Change Agent from UK (Carpet + LVT)


About the Product

Change Agent is a carpet and LVT collection influenced by the transcendent act of bringing new purpose to natural materials. Originally launched in January 2020 Milliken now present two additional, new designs ‘Rootwork’ and ‘Conjure’ to complete this popular collection. Rootwork captures the subtle beauty of traditional textured wood and Conjure evokes rich charred effects. Change Agent was inspired by the beauty found within perpetual transformation; whether it be science, magic, or a bit of both. 

Rootwork is a traditional, artisanal wood design. It can be used alone to create a wood effect floor, but with all of the benefits of LVT – such as reduced sound insulation and ease of installation and replacement for maintenance. Or more creatively, combined with Change Agent carpet planks for dramatic effect and zoning of areas.  

Conjure has a textural wood aesthetic with charred-like accents. Inspired by the Japanese “shou sugi ban” effect, which involves charring the wood surface to render it a deep charcoal-black, followed by drying and brushing to reveal the beauty of natural wood patterning. The finished result is a wood that reveals clean, distinct lines and an inherent textural beauty. 

Both designs are 25cm x 150cm planks made with high performance LVT FlexFormTM Sound. Milliken’s LVT has additional well-being attributes for improved acoustic performance with a compact cushion layer to reduce impact sound with its FlexForm SoundTM construction. This innovative layer can reduce impact sound by up to 17dB.  Milliken’s LVT is ‘Loose Lay’, created for easy, adhesive free  installation and maintenance and is particularly beneficial where regular access to underfloor facilities is needed, such as within commercial environments.

An online visualiser is available on the Milliken Floors website to enable customers and designers to interact with the product and try out endless layouts. There are 40 pre-selected rooms to choose from or the client’s own scheme can be uploaded for an accurate representation of Change Agent in situ. 

Change Agent comes with a 15 year wear guarantee and has the following certifications: Declare, IAC – Gold and CE Mark. Slip resistance is R10 / 59 dry / 36 wet and impact sound 17dB.

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