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Core Collection Solids

The Solids tile series is characterized by a pronounced depth effect thanks to the grain combination. The tile is both layered and luxurious, offering a choice of various colours of tiles and structures, from smooth to micro-relief.

Interplay of colour hues
Timeless and pure ceramics in natural hues with a layered look. Together, these tiles create a unified whole: like a ceramic skin, Solids adds warmth and depth to any surface.

Core Collection Solids consists of ten colour hues that impart a certain depth and warmth to surfaces – seven neutral colours and three expressive colours to create natural-looking surfaces. Each tile in the Solids series has a unique texture and is made up of various colour hues. This helps to create a ceramic surface with a balanced interplay between light, medium, and dark shades. The combination of course and fine grains in the tile adds to the sense of depth.

Solid power, large impact
Core Collection Solids in 60 x 120 centimetres are more than just large tiles. The size gives the tile a strong linear grain, parallel to the long side, to enhance the Solids effect. It’s both elegant and outspoken.


Core Collection
Signature surfaces, made easy
Core Collection is a collection that brings together the most popular series of unglazed ceramic tiles. This collection is full of design options, so that architects and designers can create distinctive surfaces easily and intuitively. The collection includes 39 tile colours, three different tile textures, various traditional tile sizes, and seven innovative tile shapes in patterns that can be fully customized.

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Core Collection Solids


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