Daylight, a variety of materials, acoustic performance and functionality. These are the four greatest advantages of the Mydesk Floor to Ceiling Partitions system. 

An innovative product combining exceptional acoustic performance and optimum transparency. Tailor made to fit any measure and simple on-site assembly. This system provides planners with a functional and flexible walling system.

Dream - Plan - Deliver

We believe that the work environment can be adapted to the customer needs creating: inspiration, innovation, collaboration, a variety of choices and creativity.

My desk clients receive far beyond “of-the-shelf” products. Mydesk learns and studies the work environment of each client offering a wide range of products and special finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for every project.

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The Anodize Collection by Mydesk

Introducing ‘The Mydesk Anodize Collection’ inspiration clip. 22 new and unique Floor to Ceiling Partition finishes and colors offered only by Mydesk. The Anodize collection was composed from inspiration found in the world all around us, stretching the design capabilities and imagination for every project. With the Anodize collection you can obtain outstanding effects and give each project a personal touch.


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Kibbutz Shefyaim

We believe in a work environment that enhances – inspiration, innovation, collaboration, provides a variety of choices and encourages creativity.

My desk supplies and installs solutions for floor to ceiling partitions. The company was founded in 2007 by Ofer Eitan, who serves as CEO and owner to this day.

By learning and studying the work environment of each client we offer a wide range of products and special finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for every project. The Mydesk team works together with the client from the planning stage through R&D, instillation and aftersales service, building an optimal work environment for our clients.

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Regional Sales Manager UAE: [email protected]

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Regional Sales Manager – Middle East, South

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