At No Grey Area our aim is to make sure we provide the highest standard of quality throughout our operations to ensure our customers receive product and service excellence. We pride ourselves on putting in the work to become a performance leader of intelligent high-tech, high-quality interior solutions.

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With the acquisition of a number of key brands, the NGA group now offers; Architectural LED solutions, Stretch Ceilings, Acoustics, Control Systems, Home Automation, Cinema Rooms and Audio-Visual equipment.

We focus on bringing the best quality possible, providing impressive high-tech solutions and ensure that our customers achieve an amazing result.

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Latest News on NGA:

Acoustic Timber Units By 14six8

Whether it be a single unit suspended over a workstation or a cluster of units suspended in an almost unlimited array of patterns, levels and angles, Timber is sure to create a modern expression of creative freedom in acoustic ceiling design.

Dynamic Dual LED Light Boxes

NGA’s lightbox services are increasingly popular in offices, retail outlets, entertainment venues and educational environments.




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NGA invests in high-tech, high-quality interior solution providers. Group members to date include Edward Ray UK Ltd, Control Smart Ltd and Blind Smart Ltd. By sharing competencies, the NGA group is able to provide a turnkey solution service like no other.

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