About the Product

The idea that the workplace could become a place that energises the workforce, to the extent that when you leave at the end of the workday you could be more replenished that when you arrived, has been widely proposed in recent years. As has the contribution Biophilic design has achieved in the creation of work environments that are both beneficial and restorative to their workforce.

Our physical and psychological well-being has moved center stage and within enlightened orginisations the need to care for their workforce has become a central requirement in the creation of new workspaces.

Woods/planters are designed to make our workplace a more engaging, stimulating and restorative environment. They are designed to allow the originators’ of workspaces to create areas that are centered in the restorative dynamics of nature. Informed by the Biophilic movement and its thesis of both the benefits of and our profound need – to be close to and surrounded by nature.

Woods/planters is a product that facilitates both the creation of a scalable natural oasis of plants that offer diverse work typologies within and around them, for both the individual and the collaborative group. Woods/planters is a simple product typology that delivers vitality and most importantly is designed with intelligence, which allows the product to be easily installed, moved, maintained and looked after.

Woods/planters creates space division using the attributes of natural wood slats structured around `low tech` metal frames with five shelf options of plants to create a diverse typology of configurations where you are surrounded by plants and a little less people.

Woods/planters and Covid – 19
Woods/planters are Orangebox’s response to help achieve more social separation within the workplace. While large enough to divide spaces successfully they are designed and manufactured to be easily movable to facilitate the quick changing of interior spaces.




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