Schiavello Bomba Sofa - 01

Bomba Sofa

A dynamic, timeless sofa system from Schiavello and Ivan Woods. Bomba is named after a Latin American musical style. As the dancer’s movements dictate the beat of the drums, Bomba Sofa is similarly led by the user’s requirements.

Adapting to any environment, Bomba is infinitely versatile. The various seating arrangements are available with or without backrest and armrest, and can be adapted to include integrated side tables finished in American Oak. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for small, medium and large spaces.

The Bomba Sofa’s line features firmer cushioning and a more upright posture for brief but productive interludes. Designed primarily for spaces like lobbies and break out areas, Bomba can host a group of people in collaborative spaces or individuals in retreat spaces.


Designed by

Ivan Woods

Ivan Woods, Principal Designer with the Schiavello Group, has been designing interiors and products for over 20 years, working on projects locally and in the UK, US, Germany and Italy.

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