Studio TK is helping to change the culture of work. With our exclusive focus on social applications, we are creating spaces that are responsive to all the ways we work and all that our work demands.

Nurturing a Culture of Work

The right space can nurture a work style best suited for the task at hand. Whether a company values transparency or privacy, collaboration or heads-down focus, a social space can dynamically be reconfigured to stimulate the work modality that best maximizes productivity and improves wellbeing.

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Rec Tables

Designed by Christophe Pillet, Rec worktables are inspired by the raw, rectangular worktable from the industrial age, Rec creates high work postures ideal for today’s social spaces.

Sly Table

The Sly Table series is illusory, tricking the viewer’s eye. Although the table surface appears to be angled, it is perfectly level.

Havn Tables

In coordination with the Havn lounge series, Busk+Hertzog set out to create a small yet versatile series of universal occasional tables that matched Havn seating’s crafted architecture.