Surge DDD17: Every Drop Counts1

Every Drop Counts – Design by Mariska

WINNER: The Most Sustainable Design Award 2017

Water is such a valuable resource that many people take for granted every day. For a lot of us, access to clean water is as easy as opening a faucet. However, for around 600 million people this is not the case, as they have to travel long distances to get access to water that still needs to be cleaned. For these people EVERY DROP COUNTS. This is the main inspiration behind my ambient floor fixture lamp as I wanted to emphasise the value a single water drop has and the journey it travels to reach you. Often we find that pipes or buckets might have leaks and leaves a small puddle and with every drop, you often find a ripple effect. I wanted to create a design that incorporates the importance of a single drop, the journey the water travels and the ripple effect wasted water has with the hope that people would be more aware and make EVERY DROP COUNT.

More than 60% of the materials that I selected to use in the design will be recycled elements, sourced locally in the UAE. It is through these items I wanted to make people aware of the amount of waste they generate every day and to take a moment and try to reduce and reuse some of your waste, as waste should not be wasted.

Recycled Nespresso pods, recycled copper pipes, concrete, steel wire, concrete, glue, 360 degree standard energy saving LED bulb 6W, electrical wire, power socket, bulb fitting, turn knob socket, water valve, Weicon Flex 310M Kristall glaskar glue would be used to fix the Nespresso pods to the concrete and steel wire, recycled paper for packaging.

The Nespresso pods, copper pipes and steel wire would be able to be recycled completely, making the majority of materials for the lamp recyclable.

Designer: Mariska Nell from Design by Mariska
Build Partner: Nexus 54

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Designed by

Mariska Nell


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