Surge DDD17: FEmale1

FEmale – Wilson Associates

Winner:  The Master Craftsman Award 2017

The Women of Today: Through time and self-discovery we have evolved and embraced the dichotomies within us; strength, resilience, ambition, talent, nurture, care and leadership are among many other unwavering characteristics. Predisposed boundaries are broken and/or have been transformed. We have grown to see beauty in our imperfections and learn to celebrate them.

Designers: Isabel Pintado, Hilda Impey, Maud Capet, Sunni Wu, Maria Economides, Ana Marcos and Alika Dobie from Wilson Associates
Build Partner: Scenic Genius and Tarrab Trading

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Designed by

Isabel Pintado

Hilda Impey

Maud Capet

Sunni Wu

Maria Anna Economides

Ana Marcos

Alika Dobie


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