Surge DDD17: Intersection4

Intersection – Sneha Divias Atelier

The brief has inspired us to research the materials that tell a story and bring facts to raise awareness regarding sustainability and recycling. On the other hand, it was important to create a connection between the lighting concept and the Surge initiative, therefore the plastic bottles are in instrumental element to relate to the clean water initiative. The production thought process envisions scale and linearity so that the simplified process and form allows the materials to bring out the light and aesthetic values. It's not about complexity, it's about clever design sensibility and clarity that speaks for itself. The ambient light is softly diffused by the cur plastic bottles creating an exquisite and sculptural lighting piece.

The geometrical composition is made of a recycled aluminium frame that holds the cardboard sides. These sides are cut to insert the plastic bottle parts which allow light to come out with an ambient functionality. The light source is led bulb and the use of glues is almost none as the construction method and detail allows the parts to be fixed by themselves thought the cuts.

Designers: Sneha Divias from Sneha Divias Atelier
Build Partner: Origin Base

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Designed by

Sneha Divias


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